What’s Involved?

The Clever Dog Design Production process is a 5 step process where we work together to get just what you’re after. Don’t worry, we’ll step you through it.

Stage 1 – Information Collection

As a first step, we like to gather as much info as we can to reduce any delays. We’ll provide you with a link to a form for you to fill out to fast-track the process. Please fill out as much as you can as we will only book the project into production once all content has been provided. Don’t worry, you will be able to update the content yourself later.

Stage 1 – You Can Start

Please fill out the form to completion and submit it.

Stage 2 – Concepting

We will create a concept for your project items and provide you with these concepts. At this point you can provide feedback on the designs to get just the look you’re after. You will receive a feedback form to fill out with as much detail as possible. We will repeat this step up to 3 times so please be sure to give as much detail as you can.

Stage 2 – Your Bit

Give feedback on the designs and approve the concepts when you’re happy.

Stage 3 – Design and Proofing

We will take the approved design and flesh it out to a more complete version, taking your feedback and provided information into account.  Once this is complete we will begin the proofing process with you where you can use the feedback form to suggest further refinements. We will repeat this step with you up to 3 times so please be sure to take a thorough look through your project and give as much detail as you can.

Stage 3 – You Again

Give feedback so we can make final adjustments to the project.

Stage 4 – Finalisation and Implementation

Once you are happy with the state of the project and have given us the OK, we will make the final arrangements to get your site live and package up anything else for you. When completed, we will provide you with these items which may include logins and passwords for any accounts we may have set up for you and any final files or resources that are required. We will send any projects for print to printers, and, if included, give you a short handover/training session as required.

Stage 4 – All Yours

Sign off on the final product before it is implemented.

If a handover/training session is required, book a time and attend the session.

Stage 5 – Ongoing Updates, Reviews and Promotion.

Now you’re ready to go.
If your project is a website hosted with us we’ll continue to maintain your site by updating the stuff behind the scenes.
If it is a digital design or print, we will retain the design files in case you require any further design work done in the future.

Stage 5 – Your Turn

Now it’s up to you.

If it’s a website, promote it as much as you can on social media or advertising. Adjust your site content for SEO. Get your site noticed.

If it’s a digital design or print, get it out there and get it recognised.

You can do it!

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